Logo de Hushie

What is Logo de Hushie?

Hushie is a new clothing brand, which will be making great hoodies (and other cool stuff in the future, don't worry.)

The objective of Hushie is simple : make great hoodies, with a great quality in an eco-friendly way.

All of this brand has been made thanks to this guy's friends and family. But he also participed in the project too though.

Picture of Pierre Clerc, founder of Hushie

Who is behind Hushie?

Hi ! I'm Pierre, I'm the founder of Hushie. I'm currently a student in the UTBM, an engineering school in France. And when I have free time I love to spend it on creating, learning funny (and sometime useless) stuff on YouTube and playing piano. (Yes, I admit I play video games as well.)

So I like to draw a bit, designing websites, and basically everything that you can do on a computer.

That's why the idea of Hushie came naturally, since I love the concept of creating projects from scratch.

What will Hushie do?

Hushie will, by the end of this year, sell well-designed hoodies. So all the designs are done inside the company, and for now they're all done by Pierre.

At the launch of the brand, there will be severals collections, but all of them will be minimalist, we won't put a paint bucket on your hoodie, don't worry.

Here's a quick view of the first collection designs:

Ideas for the merchandise

Is this brand eco-friendly?

For sure it will be.

Today, the textile industry is one of the most polluant industry in the world. So that's why at Hushie, we want to reduce the impact we have on the environment due to the clothes we wear.

For that, we will try our best to give you:

  • A well-manufactured hoodie that won't torn in just 2 weeks
  • Organic matters, like cotton, which is produced by well-paid farmers
  • Printed designs that go with the time, and don't vanish in a few months

Also, we won't do a lot of collections : we don't follow the trend just to sell clothes, and to be in an excessive production.

You like the project ? Don't hesitate to follow us !